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Part science-fiction, part archetype Bluemarble paints a voyage where two people tap into a field of persistence that examines the phenomena of the 'overview effect'. This perspective becomes a launching point for a performance that circulates physical and vocal information and reflects on our world from a long distance viewpoint. Using this as both feedback and fuel, elevated glimpses are created that challenge how we perceive community and autonomy in both intimate and global ways.

Concept by Julian Barnett 

Choreography and Performance by Barnett and Jocelyn Tobias

Sound by Tian Rotteveel 

Lighting by Dennis Döscher, Kathy Kaufman (US)

Dramaturgy by Lito Walkey

Mentors: Pirkko Hausman, Jeanine Durning

Production coordination by Solveigh Pattet

Co-production by Kampnagel (DE), La Briqueterie, CDC du Val de Marne (FR) and Danspace Project (NY). Created through the K3 Tanzplan Hamburg (DE) and Topaz Arts (NY) Artist-in-Residence Programs. Additional support provided by FUSED (France-US Exchange in Dance), Hamburgischen Kulturstiftung, Dansehallerne (DK), Dragon's Egg (US)

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