Concept by Julian Barnett 

Choreography and Performance by Barnett and Jocelyn Tobias

Sound by Tian Rotteveel 

Lighting by Dennis Döscher, Kathy Kaufman (US)

Dramaturgy by Lito Walkey

Mentors: Pirkko Hausman, Jeanine Durning

Production coordination by Solveigh Pattet

Part science-fiction, part archetype Bluemarble paints a voyage where two people tap into a field of persistence that examines the phenomena of the 'overview effect'. This perspective becomes a launching point for a performance that circulates physical and vocal information and reflects on our world from a long distance viewpoint. Using this as both feedback and fuel, elevated glimpses are created that challenge how we perceive community and autonomy in both intimate and global ways.



Co-production by Kampnagel (DE), La Briqueterie, CDC du Val de Marne (FR) and Danspace Project (NY). Created through the K3 Tanzplan Hamburg (DE) and Topaz Arts (NY) Artist-in-Residence Programs. Additional support provided by FUSED (France-US Exchange in Dance), Hamburgischen Kulturstiftung, Dansehallerne (DK), Dragon's Egg (US)