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X (Two Strings)

X (Two Strings) is a cacophony of vibration and memory. The performance attempts to calibrate in a fluctuating field, exploring lineage, symbolism, and embodied artifacts. Sourcing from individual Japanese histories and building upon a multifaceted collaboration between Julian Barnett and musician/performer, Kenta Nagai, a transgressive ceremony blurs lines between music and movement, musician and thespian, and opens planes of sensation for phenomenal bodies, fluid culture, and vulnerable structures.

Choreography by Julian Barnett, in collaboration with Kenta Nagai

Performance by Barnett and Nagai 

Sound by Kenta Nagai / Text by Julian Barnett

Dramaturgy by Jocelyn Tobias

Light by Asami Morita

co-production by Gibney, with funds provided by the Howard Gilman Foundation. Support provided by UVM Dance Program, UArts Dance Program, and ICI-Montpellier, France. 


30 min, 2 performers


Subject To Change

Subject To Change studies 4 individuals as they probe personal poetics within choreographic mediums of tone, text, gesture, mode, and devotion. Part opera and part confessional, this performance creates a post-emerging dream-noise-body-scape that is simultaneously a byproduct of cross-cultural histories and collective projections of futurity.

Choreography by Julian Barnett, in collaboration with the performers

Performance & Sound by Barnett, Justin Cabrillos, Leslie Cuyjet, and Jocelyn Tobias


Co-production by Performance Mix Festival (NY), Hellerau Dresden (DE), and Greens Space (NY) . Support provided by Mertz Gilmore Late Stage Stipend Grant and Dragon's Egg Artist Residency (CT). Additional presentations include: Movement Research at Judson Church (NY) an2Y Harkness (NY). 

75 min, 4 performers 


FootNotes is an ever-evolving and expanding lecture-performance about unfolding communication, language, subjectivity, practice, empathy, isolation, dancing, and potential. Harnessing vocalization as an agent for choreography and the notion that 'languages' exist everywhere. 

Co-production by ArtEZ (NL). Additional presentations include: BkSD (NY), Dansehallerne (Copenhagen), and Middlebury College (VT). Developed within the frame of the danceWEB Scholarship at the Impulstanz International Dance Festival (Vienna), and mentored by Joao da Silva, Kroot Juraak, Maria Hassabi, and Jocelyn Tobias. 


35 minutes,  1 performer, plus installation

Blue Marble

Part science-fiction, part archetype Blue Marble paints a voyage where two people tap into a field of persistence that examines the phenomena of the 'overview effect'. This perspective becomes a launching point for a performance that circulates physical and vocal information and reflects on our world from a long distance viewpoint. Using this as both feedback and fuel, elevated glimpses are created that challenge how we perceive community and autonomy in both intimate and global ways.


Concept by Julian Barnett 

Choreography and Performance by Barnett and Jocelyn Tobias

Sound by Tian Rotteveel 

Lighting by Dennis Döscher (DE), Kathy Kaufman (US)

Dramaturgy by Lito Walkey; Mentors: Pirkko Hausman, Jeanine Durning


Co-production by Kampnagel (DE) and Danspace Project (NY). Created through the K3 Tanzplan Hamburg (DE) and Topaz Arts (NY) Artist-in-Residence Programs. Additional presentations include: La Briqueterie, CDC du Val de Marne (FR), Dansehallerne (DK), Pieter Performance Space, Los Angeles (CA), Hunter College (NY), and Whenever Wherever Festival, Tokyo (JP). Support provided by FUSED (France-US Exchange in Dance) and Hamburgischen Kulturstiftung.


50 minutes, 2 performers

Echologue Redux

Choreography and performance by Julian Barnett
Lighting Design by Paul Chambers (original) and Burke Wilmore
Sound Design by Julian Barnett
Dramaturgy by Lisette van Rossum

Echologue ponders the range of subjectivity. As an individual, how far does our influence transcend? What are the repercussions of our actions, our words and our bodies of thought? Like a pebble dropped in a pond, a monologue emerges from the ripples of effect, expanding and eventually returning to form the threads of identity, power, love, sex and consequence. Echologue is ultimately about a person who sees the spectrum within a single moment and finds meaning in its multiplicity and infinite reflections.

Co-production by Tangénte Montreal (CA), GDF/The Joyce Theater (NY), Generale Oost (NL), and i-Dance Festival Hong Kong (CH). Additional presentations include: Architanz, Tokyo (JP), West Virginia Dance Festival (US), Danspace Project (NY), Springboard Danse Montreal (CA), Middlebury College (VT), and Performática Festival (MX).

25 minutes, 1 performer


Bridge is a performance of unfolding communication that comes to form through deconstruction. Harnessing vocalization as an agent for choreography, the work follows a philosophical thread offered by Roland Barthes' 'grain' of the voice, or the body within the voice as it sings. Using the dramaturgical platform of two solos enacting adjacent dialogues to form a duet, the performance explores the unique connection-point to the listener/viewer and the links necessary to build a bridge across communicative and performative barriers. The symbiotic relationship between the voice and the body and the individual manners in which this is embodied orchestrates a communication of sincerity, humor, and the efforts involved to achieve connection.


Concept and choreography by Julian Barnett

Performance by Barnett and Jocelyn Tobias

Sound by Barnett and Linda Perry

Lighting by Joseph Valez

Dramaturgy by Diego Gil and Lina Lindheimer


Co-production by K3 Tanzplan Hamburg (DE), ArtEZ (NL), and Dance Ireland (IR). Additional presentations include: American Realness/AUNTS, Movement Research at Judson Church (NY), tanz_house Festival, Salzburg (AT), and DanceKiosk Festival, Hamburg (DE). Touring support provided by American Dance Abroad.  

35 minutes, 2 performers


Supernatural explores five individuals' underlying desires to experience a life that somehow surpasses the normal and eclipses into the realm of extraordinary. Collective, instinctive and intuitive navigation uncovers a conscious presence that speaks, within a physical world where phenomenal constructs are most often unseen and unheard.

Choreography by Julian Barnett

Performed by Barnett, Phina Pipia, Justin Ternullo, Jocelyn Tobias and Chris Powers

Music by Chris Powers

Sound Design by Stephan Moore

Lighting Design by Amanda K. Ringger


Co-production by Dance New Amsterdam / Gibney Dance  (NY) and Mt. Tremper Arts (NY). Support provided by New York State Council on the Arts  - NYSCA Commissioning Grant and the Joyce Theater Foundation's Artist-in-Residence Program (NY). Additional support provided by  Dragon’s Egg (CT), Center for Performance Research (NY), and ArtEZ (NL).

50 minutes, 5 performers

Sound Memory

In a world that can be recorded, rewound, fast-forwarded and replayed, how do we experience the present? Reshaped and retold through recollection and physical impulse, Sound Memory illuminates a world to be remembered.

Choreography by Julian Barnett

Performance by Barnett, Hanna Kivioja and Justin Ternullo

Music: personal, shared, found, created, recycled, borrowed, and restored 

Sound Design by Stephan Moore

Lighting Design by Amanda K. Ringger

Stage Design by Solomon Weisbard

Co-production by Danspace Project (NY). Additional presentations include: Duo Multicultural Arts Center (NY), La Mama ETC (NY), Movement Research at Judson Church (NY) , and the Kaatsbaan International Dance Center (NY).

50 minutes, 3 performers 

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