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Bridge (The Union Piece) is a performance of unfolding communication that comes to form through deconstruction. Harnessing vocalization as an agent for choreography, the work follows a philosophical thread offered by Roland Barthes' 'grain' of the voice, or the body within the voice as it sings. Using the dramaturgical platform of two solos enacting adjacent dialogues to form a duet, the performance explores the unique connection-point to the listener/viewer and the links necessary to build a bridge across communicative and performative barriers. The symbiotic relationship between the voice and the body and the individual manners in which this is embodied orchestrates a communication of sincerity, humor, and the efforts involved to achieve connection.

Concept and choreography by Julian Barnett

Performance by Barnett and Jocelyn Tobias

Sound by Barnett and Linda Perry

Lighting by Joseph Valez

Dramaturgy by Diego Gil and Lina Lindheimer

Co-production by K3 Tanzplan Hamburg (DE), ArtEZ (NL), Dance Ireland (IR), American Realness/AUNTS and Movement Research (NY)

Presentations: tanz_house Festival, Salzburg (AT), DanceKiosk Festival, Hamburg (DE)

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