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Choreography and performance by Julian Barnett
Lighting Design by Paul Chambers (original) and Burke Wilmore
Sound Design by Julian Barnett
Dramaturge by Lisette van Rossum

Echologue ponders the range of subjectivity. As an individual, how far does our influence transcend? What are the repercussions of our actions, our words and our bodies of thought? Like a pebble dropped in a pond, a monologue emerges from the ripples of effect, expanding and eventually returning to form the threads of identity, power, love, sex and consequence. Echologue is ultimately about a person who sees the spectrum within a single moment and finds meaning in its multiplicity and infinite reflections.


Co-production by Tangénte Montreal (CA), GDF/The Joyce Theater (NY), Generale Oost (NL), i-Dance Festival Hong Kong (CH). Additional support provided byArchitanz, Tokyo (JP), West Virginia Dance Festival (US), Danspace Project (NY) and Springboard Danse Montreal (CA) and was initially created for the Solo Commissioning Project of SUNY Purchase Dance Conservatory (NY).

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